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Welcome to Opensim City!


I got my start in virtual worlds with “alphaworld/activeworlds” lol can't remember which one it was in the 90′s. But as far as online goes I ran a Apple BBS as a teen in cleveland in the 80′s before there was a internet :) Back in the late 80′s I was a student and was developing software for the Amiga computer and it had a very open-source mindset, which I also found in the Linux community when that came to be in the 90′s.

My hopes for Opensim City are to create a portal website that collects and preserves content from other sources so you don’t have to navigate to 10 or 15 different sites every day just to keep up. If I don’t have the info someone is looking for, I will find it :)



Our Location
34 Capay Circle
South San Francisco, CA

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