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Avia Bonne is a guest talking about the Visionz magazine youtu.be/RJ2wIkH4IjQ

Inworld Review: 27th June 15

Mal, Maria & Tara are joined by Avia Bonne for metaverse news and discussion.

Minethere Always added a video. 2 days ago

NPC tut

Fun With NPC's tutorial 6

In this 6th tutorial Nara shows us how to set up an NPC within a scene using Builder's Buddy scripts. Easy NPC Builder's Buddy Kit can be obtained from Nara'...

Russell Eponym performs @ 11 am SLT Today. HG@

hypergrid.org:8002:Still Point


I am told he has been ill for a few days but intends on being there.

We hope to see you all there also-)


Morlita Quan at Wizards' Retreat

Morlita Quan performing at Wizards' Retreat, Kitely with special effects by Fuschia Nightfire and Cherry Manga. With thanks to Roxy Gellar for organising thi...

I just saw this on the Metro forums and thought you all might enjoy knowing of it, and maybe taking a nice visit. It is very immersive, beautiful and relaxing-)




Chic Aeon explains hypergrid travel in new video

Chic Aeon, known for her excellent Blender tutorials, has just released a new video explaining the hypergrid. Check it out....


Museo del Metaverso

MdM è un museo di arte contemporanea molto speciale

Annother example I like seeing is how one thing leads to another and piggybacks on yet another aspect of the Hyperverse.

Welcome Moggs Oceanlane -))


As you can note in her words she was following info Mal Burns mentioned someplace or other-)


Minethere Always shared a photo. 3 weeks ago

Really nice clouds I got from Fred/Ferd over @HG 9000:Virunga in the volcano.

HG@ hypergrid.org:8002:Still Point

The inimitable Russell Eponym performs LIVE and in person (he doesn't use avies, he actually rezs himself inworld) for the Metropolis Birthday!

Confirmed just now. 11 am MetaTime (further timezones on the website)

Come one, come all, to the greatest show on Earth! (stole that from P.T. Barnum!! en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P._T._Barnum)

All in the Hyperverse are most welcome to join us as we celebrate the Metropolis 7th year Anniversary!
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2nd Annual Fest'Avi Show!


HG@ hypergrid.org:8002:*welcome*

The Metropolis grid...naturally...celebrates its 7th Birthday on the weekend starting 29th of May 2015.

All residents throughout the Metaverse are welcome. Please stay tuned for more information but mark your calendars if interested.


HG @ craft-world.org:8002:Noah

Do you need animals to hunt? Are you craving meat, even exotic meat? Do you just want to add a little more realism to your region(s). Do you often wonder if humans should have all drowned so we can start all over again? Do you even care??? thx to my bud +virtual christine for reminding me to add this to my blogspace (and so I could snag a few more!!)


I made another donation [they are noted on the sidebar of my blog] as promised due to some more sales of my terrains. Thank you-)


Join the movement on MapMyFitness+!

Another region highlighted minethere.blogspot.com/2014/12/metaverse-destinati…

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