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Welcome to Opensim City!


I got my start in virtual worlds with “alphaworld/activeworlds” lol can't remember which one it was in the 90′s. But as far as online goes I ran a Apple BBS as a teen in cleveland in the 80′s before there was a internet :) Back in the late 80′s I was a student and was developing software for the Amiga computer and it had a very open-source mindset, which I also found in the Linux community when that came to be in the 90′s.

My hopes for Opensim City are to create a portal website that collects and preserves content from other sources so you don’t have to navigate to 10 or 15 different sites every day just to keep up. If I don’t have the info someone is looking for, I will find it :)



Our Location
34 Capay Circle
South San Francisco, CA

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  • Hear ye, Hear ye. Read all about the Hyperverse in the VisionZ Magazine.

    It has been a month of issues causing us to combine April and May (but which also moves up the release dates from now on to around the 15th of each month rather than the 25th).

    Still, some other issues remain...BUT, we got an issue done anyway!

    For now, you can get your copy of the full rack or simply click it to be given your magazine at:


    We love to see the rack out and about the Hyperverse at many welcome regions and individually run places. So more places will be announced soon. We just decided to go ahead and post about it.

    As always we welcome guest writers, or even will consider requests to join our team, we like variety a lot.

    If you have a logo to add, please feel free to contact Sunbeam Magic .

    Our mission is to help spread the good word about various things going on in places connected via the Hypergrid.

    All done for you, and by you, and have fun!

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