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2nd Annual Fest'Avi Show!


HG@ hypergrid.org:8002:*welcome*

The Metropolis grid...naturally...celebrates its 7th Birthday on the weekend starting 29th of May 2015.

All residents throughout the Metaverse are welcome. Please stay tuned for more information but mark your calendars if interested.


HG @ craft-world.org:8002:Noah

Do you need animals to hunt? Are you craving meat, even exotic meat? Do you just want to add a little more realism to your region(s). Do you often wonder if humans should have all drowned so we can start all over again? Do you even care??? thx to my bud +virtual christine for reminding me to add this to my blogspace (and so I could snag a few more!!)


I made another donation [they are noted on the sidebar of my blog] as promised due to some more sales of my terrains. Thank you-)


Join the movement on MapMyFitness+!

Another region highlighted minethere.blogspot.com/2014/12/metaverse-destinati…

Beautiful video done in opensim by Chic Aeon;

News of the Virtual World
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Showcasing The Spirit of Arcadia


One Giant Leap Backward For Blogkind...


Danko Whitfield has liked Minethere Always's Profile 1 month ago

My typist has banged out another of his behind-the-scenes articles about being me. In this one he seems to be trying to organize my life or my world or something along those lines. I may read it later.


Are you missing assets on OSgrid?

Give me virtual weather!!

"What I Want"

My story for the Opening Day Stories Project, sponsored by the Dankoville Story Group.
"How Dazzle Jarvis Got His Name"

This one is written under my typist's name...

My typist has a blog all about being me.
I hope he doesn't let it go to my head.

News of the Virtual World
links to news, commentary, features, tips


Testing 1,2,3...Hello?

Minethere Always 321 hello!! 1 month ago

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