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After a few days of publishing this and not posting it widely public, and in adding an update on it just now, it does seem to me to be a valid blog to share out.

I was reticent to do this as I know it is a volatile issue and, really, I have never really discussed it in public relating to the cyberstalking aspect of it.

I calmed down since I originally posted in March 11th. Perhaps others have had something similar happen and those can reshare or post mine as starter conversation if they wish to.

I don't...
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activity here...yessss!!-)

Marisa Giancarla Yippie! 6 days ago
Minethere Always hehehe-) 4 days ago

Es war ein tolles Jahr! Danke, dass du ein Teil davon warst.

Praline Barjowski shared 3 photos in the Hypergrid album 7 days ago

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Thank you Oshi for adding me !

Thank you Sunbeam ! Quite busy but yes, all is doing fine Hope the same for you !

Oshi is friends with Praline Barjowski

ah, ok...ty Marisa, I see this now.

Minethere Always fabrik? for this forum? 2 weeks ago
Marisa Giancarla Fabrik is what I used to make the region reviews component 2 weeks ago
Minethere Always ah, ok-) 2 weeks ago
Minethere Always added a video. 3 weeks ago

Alice in Wonderland made by Cherry Manga -...

Unique and gorgeous: Alice in Wonderland. Made by Cherry Manga on the FrancoGrid. Destination and Art: Francogrid, Region Alice in Wonderland hg.francogrid.org:80:aliceinwonderland http://francogrid.org/ http://www.francogrid.org/forum/general/presentations more information: http://the-hyperzette.blogspot.de/2014/11/destination-alice-in-wonderland.html

Minethere Always or not? 2 weeks ago
Marisa Giancarla I will look into this 2 weeks ago
Marisa Giancarla Should be fixed - the region review module was causing a javascript conflict on the home page. Till that gets fixed you have to click the menu item... Show more 2 weeks ago


I might try doing this journeymetaverse.wordpress.com/2015/03/07/opening-day-stories-project/

Opening Day Stories Project | Journey To The Center Of The Metaverse on WordPress.com

Calling all writers. Dankoville Story Group presents a new, short-term writing project, something unexpected...from out of left field... Some of our very best writers started…

Robstock is a 3 day weekend event that involves the entire Metaverse. They have an SL location and 3rd Rock Grid location. Now that 3rg has enabled hypergating we can all just gather there.

They need volunteers. I don't think the part about other grids joining is true this year. Last year Metropolis Grid hosted the HG side of it, but that is no longer needed.

Info and details as well as currently scheduled performers are in this website. It will likely change so keep an eye on it if interested.

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Minethere Always added a video. 4 weeks ago

Toxic Maiko

Toxic Geisha avatar, FrancoGrid 2015

So about this green smoothie cleanse. Other than the weight loss, what lasting effects have YOU experienced?


Ok, I published this yesterday and this morning fixed a few errors. Already 31 people had viewed it without my promoting it at all until now.
So, hey, I hope some people find this useful and easy to understand...it is meant to be just a simple tut.


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