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We are most happy to get the August Issue of VisionZ out today, for you all.

The full rack or just the issue is available HGTP@

login.greatcanadiangrid.ca:8002:AAcme City


hypergrid.org:8002:minethere ( all issues are there )

and throughout the Hyperverse.

There is a mistake in the article I did about Wordfromthe Wise where some photos and regions from the July article I did on Karima Hoisan of Kitely are mixed with Word's. Sorry.

While this person does not get in too deep in her comparisons, she nevertheless shows the thinking some would have in considering changes from SL to other places.

She does not mention what to me is one of the top features, that of hypergating, but perhaps she will eventually.

It will be interesting to watch her further blog post adventures in this aspect.

It would, perhaps, be useful for some to post comments there so she can see them more readily.


Building parts new and exportable. Some folks will really like this;


I just made a donation to a very worthy charity I recently added. All proceeds from my terrain sales go to charities. Thank you to those who purchased my terrains.



Just added a cool new region;

Live in Kitely today 11am SLT www.kitely.com/forums/viewtopic.php

Kitely Forums • View topic - LIVE IN VOICE! - Sat August 8th @ 12pm - STAR WARS

Documentation, discussion and support for Kitely users


Here's a brand new story blog written by the same guy who writes all my stuff.

Mitch Newmore's Journal on WordPress.com

by George Miner aka Danko Whitfield (by George Miner)

HG@ hypergrid.org:8002angea

New transplants from SL who are creating Pangea using a 4x4 VarRegion.


This brought by puny PC grinding to a halt with all other programs off. But I managed to get the photo covering the entire build. With their own windlight not much showed as this is a fully textured region and very thick with content.

I suggest go in low and increase as your PC wafts in the vapors and give yourselves some time.

Here is a video showing how to...
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Lilith Heart of Heart Botanicals just released a beautiful landscaping creation featuring sunflowers.


I mainly mention this as I had someone the other day said they see her stuff stolen out in the Meta often, said it was so sad....I had to bring her up to speed, because, well, you know, I am Queen of all Truths!!!

hypergrid.org:8002:Still Point

The July issue of VisionZ Hyperverse Magazine is now out. You can get your copy and/or the full rack to place around at login.greatcanadiangrid.ca:8002:AAcme City, hypergrid.org:8002:minethere and throughout the Hyperverse. Enjoy!

You can never have too many virtual homes.


Minethere Always shared a photo. 2 months ago

I don't normally post about custom terraforming I do anymore as I really don't do them, so shhhhh! The Cave Hill in Ireland outside of Belfast is my latest effort. I like doing real life places.

The difficulty here was in getting the right compromise between how Napoleon's Nose appears from the City and having it look decent closer up. This due to opensim factors.

This is also the location for the closed Floral Hall build Stio is creating.

And while your are reading this, how about purchasing some of my...
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New entry-) minethere.blogspot.com/2014/12/metaverse-destinati…

Minethere Always added a video. 2 months ago

Nicely done of my region but only around 1/2 of it-)

MetropolisGrid - Minethere

Metropolis Mataversum Region Minethere Music by Steven Severin "Visions Of Ecstacy" 0:00 "The Woman in the Dunes" 1:48

Avia Bonne is a guest talking about the Visionz magazine youtu.be/RJ2wIkH4IjQ

Inworld Review: 27th June 15

Mal, Maria & Tara are joined by Avia Bonne for metaverse news and discussion.

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