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Welcome to Opensim City!


I got my start in virtual worlds with “alphaworld/activeworlds” lol can't remember which one it was in the 90′s. But as far as online goes I ran a Apple BBS as a teen in cleveland in the 80′s before there was a internet :) Back in the late 80′s I was a student and was developing software for the Amiga computer and it had a very open-source mindset, which I also found in the Linux community when that came to be in the 90′s.

My hopes for Opensim City are to create a portal website that collects and preserves content from other sources so you don’t have to navigate to 10 or 15 different sites every day just to keep up. If I don’t have the info someone is looking for, I will find it :)



Our Location
34 Capay Circle
South San Francisco, CA

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  • While I have many terrains for free, I do sell some also.

    I create all of these by hand.
    There are only the standard 256x256 region size.
    Easy checkout.
    Delivered automatically upon payment via a link emailed to you.
    Lots of specific islands in the world as well as a mixture of artistically created ones.
    Customer service easy to find me with questions.
    All proceeds go back into OpenSim in the form of paypal tips to Entertainers and also to several charitable organizations as seen on my blog sidebar.

    You can get several free ones here and can mix with for sell ones.


    An offer.


    Any purchased on payloadz can use this "Preferred Customer Discount - 20% OFF All Items" THF7Z19T with 3 or more purchased.

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  • Seriously, will the magnificent Artistic creations never stop!!?? My 'o my, who has the time!!???


    A well done tut:


    Machinima by WizardOz Chrome:



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  • Your Quest is to obtain multiple imagination meals. Only one rule: Try not to eat to much.


    Karima Hoisan has opened yet another of her Artistic visions.


    Read this first: https://karimahoisan.wordpress.com/2016/09/06/unmindful-the-movie-by-natascha-randt-karima-hoisan/

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  • Fest'Avi 2016
    Much has been said of the Fest'Avi 2016 that had its grand opening September 7. However, I wanted to put a few things together that some of which has been done since then.

    Firstly, this is the 3rd iteration of this celebration of collaboration with creating Avatars which are given freely, the Artistry has been different each time and I must say, though it is hard to pick a favorite, that this one has passed the others in sheer magnitude.

    The collaborators came from Grids around the Hyperverse hypergating in, just as the visitors also did.

    FrancoGrid, the base grid for this event, has given of themselves freely in order that we may enjoy such a vast and fascinating tour de force that has no parallel in any parts of the OpenSim/Virtual Reality platform. And being a primarily French grid, who can find disagreement with that?!

    Using NPCs creatively as well as using a varregion only boosts the awesomeness.

    This is the call-out for participants and direct knowledge from the Admins.

    Here is one visitors video and here is the HG Safaris' Thirza post.

    Not for the FrancoGrid specifically, but this tutorial on how to get setup via the Metropolis grid is new and well-done. It's not so difficult as may seem to some. Once you follow that, you can then hypergrid to Francogrid. Just open your map (ctrl-m) then put

    hg.francogrid.org:80:FestAvi 2016

    in the search box, click find, and it should show up as a valid teleport, and then just go (if it does not show it may be going through a restart/refresh or it could be some issue in other ways...but no worries, just try again later). This will also show the use of the hypergrid...you are crossing from a grid based in Germany (Metropolis Metaversum) to another completely different server cluster based in France.

    After you get there just follow the blinking arrow down just a short walk to the tour start, sit on one of the balls and a menu will come up. The complete is what I choose which is of course the entire tour lasting 30 minutes. I would suggest that once your tour starts you up your graphics to ultra. I did that today and saw a bit I had missed on my first run using mid graphic settings.

    The varregion actually moved very smoothly for me, and my computer is mid-range for OS use.

    It is also recommended to use the tour twice so that the first will cache allowing a much better tour the 2nd time.

    At the end you will be dropped where the 19 separate full perm and free to use Avatar creations are. I suggest get them all and even maybe mix and match, as I often do. I bought them for -0-.

    Praline, a FrancoGrid Admin, told us they plan on keeping it up indefinitely, so there is no hurry, bookmark this blog and check it out when you have the time.

    I promise you it is well worth the effort to get there if you needed to create a new avie, and if seasoned hypergrid travelers then of course it is much easier.

    I would suggest that the main takeaway might be one of an appreciation of the efforts the team created as well as a good grasp of what OpenSim can offer.

    These grids are in what is called the Free Hyperverse...there is no currency or commercialism and such efforts are a gift of the heart, for no compensation. Metropolis and FrancoGrid are non-profits surviving on donations, and in the case of Metropolis, regions for rent up to 4x4 (16 classic sized regions in a contiguous landmass without internal borders) for 29 euros a month. FrancoGrid has slightly different model where all accepted users who run regions are part of a collective.

    Both of course allow free access for all so it is possible to fix up your avatar for free (using the Fest'Avi ones is a great start). There are sandboxes all over but there is a little known trick where you wear the box and put it in edit, go to contents, and pull what you want into inventory.

    In FrancoGrid just pull up the map and enter sandbox.

    Have fun! Be free!! Enjoy!!!

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  • Ok, I write up my own review of Fest'Avi 2016-)


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  • An ...about us... page I put up. It will also serve as a location of racks page in the comments. If interested bookmarking it might be a good idea.


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  • http://www.hyperica.com/2015/09/hobo-park/ this has been updated with current information

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