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Minethere Always shared a photo. 10 hours 42 minutes ago


I just had one of my minions drop by their welcome region to confirm it is up and running.

Welcome to the Hyperverse Island Oasis!




Firestorm Fund Raising « Firestorm Viewer – The Phoenix Firestorm Project Inc.

translation servicesTranslate | French translation Spanish translation translate German translate ChineseFirestorm in Need of Funding The Phoenix Firestorm Project is now in its sixth year with…


Come check out our new metropolis region "open seas". Races, Dino hunts, and dancing. Hope to see you there!


HGTP@ grid.starlight-world.eu:8002:Santorini Island

I saw this on opensimworld.com/hop/75779-Santorini-Island and decided to give it a looksee.

I don't know how closely it replicates the real place but it is nice for a leisurely quick exploration. There is a club there also.

I started a third page of Hyperverse Destinations. Both are interesting and worthy of exploring. Free Stuffs galore!!!



Minethere Always shared a photo. 1 month ago

HGTP@ grid.kitely.com:8002:Hobo Amusement Park

is now in Kitely.


Under construction but many fun rides are running nicely-) Make sure and tell Judy hello.



Sunbeam’s Virtual World Grids | Metaverse Magic on WordPress.com

Sunbeam Magic is a member of 10 different virtual grids.  There are probably over 200 Virtual World environments located on the internet. One to fit…


Fest'Avi 2016 - Call for participation | FrancoGrid

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” Albert Einstein


NOVEMBER NOTABLES | Metaverse Magic on WordPress.com

November was a HUGE month for notable events that Sunbeam was a part of.  Sun started off with the Premiere  of the Immersive Edge, a hypergrid…


Relaxing while listening to Judy Garland sing *Walking In A Winter Wonderland*....God is good..

Amari Diqui shared a photo. 2 months ago


Those of us at VisionZ Hyperverse Magazine bring you the last issue for this year.

We do hope you are all enjoying them and hopefully they encourage more hypergrid traveling as well as meeting new people.

We have strived to be YOUR upbeat Magazine letting you know of people and things happening around the Hyperverse.

Available at many locations, now, throughout the connected hypergrid, there is sure to be the rack, which is also copyable if you wish to place it out on your own spaces, but also will...
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