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Hello there,

I am Han Held and over the next several weeks I will be taking a hammer and saw to the portal in hopes of making it more in line with my vision of a nurturing resource for open source creators.

Preserving active accounts will be my first priority, preserving content (a lot which is unique to Opensim city) will be a close secondary priority.

But, as the meme hints -I am NOT good with computers Joomla, so this is very much a learn-as-I-go thing. Luckily I have help on the back end so it's not terribly likely that you'll come back and find us selling v1agr@ on the front page.

It's gonna be a ride, but in the end we're going to make Opensim a better place.

Thanks for coming along.

Opensim LogoOpensim City is a portal for the open source OpenSimulator project. You will find other like-minded users and content for the Opensim platform. If you have any questions or need help just ask in the community or forum.