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Marianna Monentes replied to the topic 'Hi everyone!' in the forum. 2 months ago

Why I Create? It is a passion - I have given much more than I ever sold that is why I am unsure of the need for those who copybot. All anyone ever has to do is please just ask me and I would do whatever I could to help either create the item or locate a legit item for you.
I originally came to just R & R and create to help heal my MS. I soon found myself caught up in the commercial game where competitors did what they could to kill my brand LOL so I started giving all I created free and full perms. I do sell items, in hopes to have some income- but It is not ALL about sales for me so whatever I can to contribute here please just ask.
Thank you for this vision and for working on a much-needed platform.


Marianna Monentes created a new topic ' Thank you Han' in the forum. 2 months ago

Hello, I would like to thank you, Han, for working on this for the OpenSim community, it is much appreciated!


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What you did there -I see it, Shawn
(more stuff for me to track down. :/)

Han Held ...for anyone wondering, I either missed hiding downloads I thought I'd hidden, or the "unpublish" button doesn't do what I thought it does! 2 months ago

I got a notification that someone downloaded firestorm from us.
We shouldn't have firestorm -or any other viewers. You should only download viewers...
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Gwenette Writer and 3 others have joined the group Opensim Creations 2020 2 months ago

I am hoping to really get it going after the holidays. The idea is free original items by the creators. Right now the way it works is we have a grid user that IS the marketplace. You can just send her the item, and image and notecard. Really simple. We'll just evaluate the item and move it over to the market folders to make it live. So far it has worked really well, I have got it to deliver to every grid I have tested it on. I am hoping this will help us to provide some way of distributing half decent, legit free items. It's really discouraging, as a creator, that our stuff just gets kind of buried and lost in a huge sea of ripped stuff.


Does anyone else every open this page and start singing "We built this city...we built this city on rock and roll."? I know you all will now. You're... Show more

shawn maloney No, Now let's see if Gif's work while yer singing that song. 2 months ago
shawn maloney They don't. 2 months ago

me, rn :'(

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We have karma and we can give people karma? Could be dangerous....

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