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Hola gracias por sus contribuciones

Happy Birthday Han Held!!

Happy Birthday! 

Marianna Monentes How awesome!!! Thank you!! 3 months ago

Marianna Monentes is friends with Han Held

Jamie will be happy to know that her name and others are now searchable. In searching MY own name , I see three possibles of myself. 1-Shawn , 1 shawn maloney, and 1- Shawn Maloney. I deleted the shawn maloney account to no avail, all it did was remove my profile & background pic. So I'm kinda pickled as to whether or not redo the Shawn Maloney account, or wait for the other two accounts to be removed. Ok, I just decided to wait. :)


Today I see an "edit" button here and in all message boxes there is a way to edit personal messages. Thanks OSC. :)


Marianna Monentes has liked Hyacinth's Profile 7 months ago

Marianna Monentes is friends with Hyacinth

Marianna Monentes replied to the topic 'Hi everyone!' in the forum. 7 months ago

Why I Create? It is a passion - I have given much more than I ever sold that is why I am unsure of the need for those who copybot. All anyone ever has to do is please just ask me and I would do whatever I could to help either create the item or locate a legit item for you.
I originally came to just R & R and create to help heal my MS. I soon found myself caught up in the commercial game where competitors did what they could to kill my brand LOL so I started giving all I created free and full perms. I do sell items, in hopes to have some income- but It is not ALL about sales for me so whatever I can to contribute here please just ask.
Thank you for this vision and for working on a much-needed platform.


Marianna Monentes created a new topic ' Thank you Han' in the forum. 7 months ago

Hello, I would like to thank you, Han, for working on this for the OpenSim community, it is much appreciated!


What you did there -I see it, Shawn
(more stuff for me to track down. :/)

Han Held ...for anyone wondering, I either missed hiding downloads I thought I'd hidden, or the "unpublish" button doesn't do what I thought it does! 8 months ago

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