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Gwenette Writer and 3 others have joined the group Opensim Creations 2020 2 years ago

I am hoping to really get it going after the holidays. The idea is free original items by the creators. Right now the way it works is we have a grid user that IS the marketplace. You can just send her the item, and image and notecard. Really simple. We'll just evaluate the item and move it over to the market folders to make it live. So far it has worked really well, I have got it to deliver to every grid I have tested it on. I am hoping this will help us to provide some way of distributing half decent, legit free items. It's really discouraging, as a creator, that our stuff just gets kind of buried and lost in a huge sea of ripped stuff.



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Hyacinth created a new topic ' Hi everyone!' in the forum. 2 years ago

My name is Hyacinth and I am an alcoholic. lol (seriously, I am)
I am headmistress of the HGluv Home for Wayward Girls. (and French skeletons) I never sleep, ever. Hence this goofy post. :)

I would really love to see this forum get going. A positive place to communicate is sorely needed. I definitely have some strong opinions abut stuff that's going on in OpenSim that I don't like. But I really have no control over that, only things that I choose to work on.

What I am working towards on my grid, is a reasonable way to discourage copybot materials. Determine where to draw the line. Set reasonable expectations. I don't think it's possible to be a purist. But I'd at least like to be able to stop worrying about the feds kicking in our door and cleaning up after boxes of "Stuff" 24 hours a day. lol I think that would be helpful, if we could come to a consensus.

I'd really like to get back to doing creative stuff, which I feel is the best way to combat a lot of the ugliness, is to provide good alternatives.

Other than that.. I am a co-developer with Lanani's branch of OpenSim, I do a lot of work with my own version of the Ruth mesh avatar and clothing. So that's my intro. :)


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