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Jamie Wright replied to the topic 'Hi everyone!' in the forum. 2 years ago

Hi Everyone!

Glad to be here! I'm on board with everything Hy and Han have already said. I love promoting and creating true open source content. I'm an old school builder so maybe a bit of a fossil working with prims more than mesh stuff. I like to make scenes and avatars for stories I write and role play fun. Right now I'm trying to recover some of my content that's been problematic since a grid I was on had a major core server get corrupted and crash. A bunch of my old assets seem to be no loner functioning in any grid if they passed through this one in this time period. So I'm digging through even older OARs to see if I can pull stuff forward again through that void.

To that end I'm working on an OAR called Fair Source Freebies. It's a slow project right now. I want to feature some of the older content from OpenSimCreations, Ener Hax Nebadon Izumi, Fleepgrid, and others. It will have some Linda Kellie stuff but reduced because it's easy enough to find grids hosting her ready to go stocked malls. Although I do find there's a bit of an in between era that people often don't have content for that I'd like to include. If I can recover my old stuff I'll have a big buffet of freebies I made too. In a way this disaster of my content is giving me a chance to reinvent some of it again. Ideally I'd love to have this OAR hosted on a grid eventually. I'm happy to either donate it or maintain it and add to it. What I don't want is for someone to take it and turn it into a freebie depot that becomes filled with stolen copybotted crap. So I'm a little picky about where it goes and what happens to it:)



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