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Hi everyone! 1 year 1 month ago #4

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My name is Hyacinth and I am an alcoholic. lol (seriously, I am)
I am headmistress of the HGluv Home for Wayward Girls. (and French skeletons) I never sleep, ever. Hence this goofy post. :)

I would really love to see this forum get going. A positive place to communicate is sorely needed. I definitely have some strong opinions abut stuff that's going on in OpenSim that I don't like. But I really have no control over that, only things that I choose to work on.

What I am working towards on my grid, is a reasonable way to discourage copybot materials. Determine where to draw the line. Set reasonable expectations. I don't think it's possible to be a purist. But I'd at least like to be able to stop worrying about the feds kicking in our door and cleaning up after boxes of "Stuff" 24 hours a day. lol I think that would be helpful, if we could come to a consensus.

I'd really like to get back to doing creative stuff, which I feel is the best way to combat a lot of the ugliness, is to provide good alternatives.

Other than that.. I am a co-developer with Lanani's branch of OpenSim, I do a lot of work with my own version of the Ruth mesh avatar and clothing. So that's my intro. :)
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Hi everyone! 1 year 1 month ago #5

Welcome! I'd like to see this place pick back up too; but I'm also worried about it turning into OSW mach II :O :O

Opensimcity will play a LARGE part in reviving "Opensim Creations" -if nothing else as a directory of monthly challenges and items that people download. With pointers to download links.

I'm glad to have you aboard! Aboard here, in the OSC group and especially hosting the Neuanzere sim I'm using as the inworld presence for the brand-new OSC (mark your calendar for Jan 11th!)!

I don't think we're going to come to a consensus; not with active trouble-makers in the mix. What I'm hoping for is more akin to a convent (smack dab in the middle of your home for wayward girls! :P ) sheltered from the rest of the world, dedicated to making **legitimate** content.

It's gonna be a ride -and I'm glad you're along for it (and bringing the wheels, to boot! :lol: )
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Hi everyone! 1 year 1 month ago #6

Hi Everyone!

Glad to be here! I'm on board with everything Hy and Han have already said. I love promoting and creating true open source content. I'm an old school builder so maybe a bit of a fossil working with prims more than mesh stuff. I like to make scenes and avatars for stories I write and role play fun. Right now I'm trying to recover some of my content that's been problematic since a grid I was on had a major core server get corrupted and crash. A bunch of my old assets seem to be no loner functioning in any grid if they passed through this one in this time period. So I'm digging through even older OARs to see if I can pull stuff forward again through that void.

To that end I'm working on an OAR called Fair Source Freebies. It's a slow project right now. I want to feature some of the older content from OpenSimCreations, Ener Hax Nebadon Izumi, Fleepgrid, and others. It will have some Linda Kellie stuff but reduced because it's easy enough to find grids hosting her ready to go stocked malls. Although I do find there's a bit of an in between era that people often don't have content for that I'd like to include. If I can recover my old stuff I'll have a big buffet of freebies I made too. In a way this disaster of my content is giving me a chance to reinvent some of it again. Ideally I'd love to have this OAR hosted on a grid eventually. I'm happy to either donate it or maintain it and add to it. What I don't want is for someone to take it and turn it into a freebie depot that becomes filled with stolen copybotted crap. So I'm a little picky about where it goes and what happens to it:)

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Hi everyone! 1 year 1 month ago #9

I can definately understand your anxiety around that; particularly since at least half of the intent behind the spread of copybot crap is to blur the lines between legit and stolen free content.

That said, I have no idea what to do about that. Once you release something "into the wild" it's out there and a lot of the point of open source is to allow modification. If you don't allow modification, then you block people trying to learn as well as folks wanting to "stir the pot".

My best -and only, answer is to figure out a way to have an authoritative source; "if you get X from here, it's good; if not -well, don't be surprised if it's crap". That's essentially what Firestorm (and other viewers) mean when they tell you to only trust downloads from their site (ignoring self-compilers for a moment :P )..
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Hi everyone! 1 year 3 weeks ago #16

Why I Create? It is a passion - I have given much more than I ever sold that is why I am unsure of the need for those who copybot. All anyone ever has to do is please just ask me and I would do whatever I could to help either create the item or locate a legit item for you.
I originally came to just R & R and create to help heal my MS. I soon found myself caught up in the commercial game where competitors did what they could to kill my brand LOL so I started giving all I created free and full perms. I do sell items, in hopes to have some income- but It is not ALL about sales for me so whatever I can to contribute here please just ask.
Thank you for this vision and for working on a much-needed platform.
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